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BIAB#5: Bonnington

Brewed for the July Brewstore Homebrew Society Meeting

Well, the local Homebrew Society meetings @brewstore continue to get a bit more structured and organised.  The back room of the shop is just not big enough to house us all, so we’re moving to a bigger venue.  We now have information sheets to fill in (see below) and apparently more plans in the pipeline.  Exciting times!

brewstore check in sheet

Anyway, as part of this move to elevate a perfectly pleasant, if somewhat busy, drinking session into something more respectable, July will be the second month in which a theme has been set.  For July we’ve been asked to brew a beer using a single hop variety.

As Kev had brewed for the previous month’s low ABV challenge, Jono took the responsibility on himself to develop a recipe for this one.  Having decided to go for a Black IPA as the style and to use Palisade as the hop (because we had plenty of it and hadn’t used it before), the following recipe emerged (10 litre batch):


  • 2370g   Concerto Pale Malt  (90%)
  • 132g     Crystal Malt  (5%)
  • 132g     Carafa III  (5%)


  • 20g       Palisade @ 60m
  • 20g       Palisade @ 30m
  • 20g       Palisade @ 0m


  • OG:     1052
  • FG:      1014
  • ABV:    5.4% (after bottle conditioning)
  • IBU:     59
  • SRM:   27
  • YEAST: WLP001 California Ale Yeast

It was a pretty uneventful brewday, all went smoothly and according to plan really.  The Palisade smelt great and surprisingly punchy in the bag but, in the end, was less obvious in the finished wort than we were expecting from that aroma.  Tasted promising, just not as hop-forward as we’d anticipated from the smell.

The Carafa III in the mash ended up giving a great colour and we picked up some, but not too much, roastiness from that.  All boding well prior to pitching anyway.

We are still looking to try something new brewing-wise wherever possible just now, so this brew was our first time using liquid yeast (WLP001).  Having heard nothing other than how it can make a massive difference to the finished product, we thought we’d give it a whirl.  Certainly after 24 hours, the fermentation vessel was positively bulging and there was lots of krausen forming, so it’s definitely working.

Kev has plans to brew another Black IPA very soon, so the plan is to ferment this beer, rack it to secondary for dry hopping and then clean the yeast from this batch.  Inspiration for that came from this post from @happyhomebrewr.  As they’d made it look so easy, we’ll look to re-use this cleaned yeast for the next Black IPA.  (Don’t worry, a backup sachet of US-05 has been bought, just in case this doesn’t work out.)

So, that’s Bonnington – a Palisade Black IPA – doing it’s thing.  Will update on progress as and when.

Thanks for reading, any comments are more than welcome.