The Kit

We thought it would probably be useful to give a rundown of exactly what equipment we’ll be using for these Brew in a Bag beers.  First off, here’s a picture.


Specifically, you are looking at:

  • 13 litre stock pot to act as both mash tun and kettle
  • 15 litre fermenting bin with stick-on thermometer
  • wort chiller
  • digital thermometer
  • 2 mashing and sparging bags for grain
  • muslin bags for hops

We’re pretty sure that’s all the equipment we should need to make all grain beer in a single, space-saving pot.  As we have next to no idea of what we’re doing though, there will be plenty of trial and, especially, error as we go along.  We’ll try to document it here.

First brew on 24th January, 2014. Update to follow shortly after.


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